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Edward’s Artful Journey: Navigating Life’s Challenges with Via

One bus and two train rides to and from Downtown Denver – imagine the stress and perhaps a touch of anxiety that a young adult with special needs can feel. That’s the challenge Edward had been dealing with – until he discovered Via.

Edward is a talented young individual with a passion for history and hands-on activities. He likes watching TV, particularly football, rooting for his favorite teams, the Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys. He also likes Star Wars, with Boba Fett holding a special place as his favorite character.

Upon graduating from Northeast Early College, Edward began frequenting Access Gallery in Denver, where he learns various art forms and hones his skills at the organization’s three locations. Among his favorite subjects to draw are imaginative self-portraits, often depicting himself in a cowboy outfit or a soldier uniform infused with elements of the Dallas Cowboys and Boba Fett.

However, Edward’s travel to the gallery presented a significant challenge. His mother, Nelly, expresses concern, noting, “It took Edward over an hour to reach Access Gallery. Negotiating bus and train rides, along with traversing busy streets and rail crossings, posed risks, particularly for someone with a disability.”

It was through El Grupo VIDA, a support group he was involved in, that he heard of Via. After registering, he found a reliable and cherished means of transportation. Reflecting on his experience, Edward remarks, “Via is great. Getting around has become so much easier.”

Nelly echoes her son’s sentiment, admitting, “Watching Edward navigate crowded areas and rail crossings used to worry me. I’m grateful he’s in good hands with Via.”

With Via’s assistance, Edward can pursue his artistic endeavors with confidence. By providing safe and dependable transportation, Via enriches the life of this budding artist. Join us in supporting individuals like Edward—Donate Now!

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Access Gallery is an inclusive nonprofit organization that engages the community by opening doors to creative, educational, and economic opportunities for people with disabilities to access, experience, and benefit from the arts. People with disabilities experience a 70% unemployment rate and artists with disabilities are no exception. Access Gallery employs a social enterprise model to focus on creativity as an asset rather than disability as a deficit. Access Gallery believes art has the power to bring people together, break down social barriers, and open inclusive spaces for our community to connect with and learn from each other.

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