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Onboard with Eiko: Discovering the Heart and Soul of Via Mobility Services

“Every time you see a Via bus rolling by, imagine the lives of the people inside. Every donor, every gift, is a bridge to a purpose, a joy, a lifeline.” – Eiko Kato Fisher, Development Coordinator at Via Mobility Services

The Power of Connection

When Eiko moved to the United States from Japan, she experienced a feeling that many of us, at one point or another, can relate to—isolation. She was without a driver’s license in a new country, and her transportation options in her day-to-day life were limited to walking, biking, and riding the bus around Boulder. For a time, the vivid world outside seemed, at times, unreachable. This early experience gave Eiko a unique perspective into what many Via riders may feel when mobility challenges hinder their independence. Now, as Via’s development coordinator, she channels this understanding to create genuine connections with riders and ensure no one feels trapped by their circumstances.

For Eiko, Via is more than just a method of transportation—it’s a lifeline. Eiko passionately articulates, “Usually, people see our buses, which is just a thing. But inside? Lives are being changed. I hope people see a bridge to essential services, a beacon of hope and independence.” For the people inside the bus, their trips with Via are lifelines to the hospital, work, and lunch appointments, which are sometimes our riders only chance to eat with friends. When you see a Via bus, it’s a symbolic bridge to essential services, promoting independence and ensuring self-sufficiency for every rider.

The Heartbeat of Via: Donor Connections

To Eiko, every donation is an act of heart, an expression of generosity that deserves the utmost acknowledgment. She says, “Donors don’t have to give. They choose to. It’s very important to honor the members of our donor family.” For Eiko, every gift is an opportunity to connect, to understand the story behind the donation, and to forge a genuine, friendly relationship. Each donor isn’t just supporting a cause; they’re joining Via’s story as the true heroes.

When you donate, you’re not just giving funds. You’re providing rides, granting independence, and bridging lives. The demand for our services grows daily. The need for our services is on the rise every day. Your support can make an immediate impact on the pressing needs of our community. Become a hero in someone’s journey by joining our mission today.


“Thank you so much for your support! We’re eager to know the story behind your donation. Please reach out to us if you have any questions at donations@ViaColorado.org. We’re always here to connect.” – Eiko

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