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Board president explains name change in newspaper column

As of Jan 13, 2020, this page has been updated to remove links to outside pages that are no longer active.

Gretchen Fapore, president of Via’s board of directors and vice president of Wells Fargo Bank Boulder, wrote an eloquent guest column for the Daily Camera about why Via, formerly Special Transit, changed its name.

Fapore noted that while many of us take physical travel for granted focusing only on the destination, for those with mobility limitations there is joy in just being able to make the trip.

“Via is inclusive. It conveys that we have many ways of getting people safely to their destinations. It reflects our promise to provide mobility throughout an individual’s life. It reinforces our dedication to getting all riders to where they want to go with a strong element of joy mixed in along with way,” Fapore said in the column.

She pointed out that as our population ages, more and more people understand that mobility is a keystone of our society and that at some point a majority of residents will have to deal with long-term limitations, short-time impairments, accidents, injuries or surgeries. And in all instances, Via can help.

The column appeared in the Tuesday, March 7 Daily Camera. You can read the column here.

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