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Via safety manager appointed to USDOT safety committee

Keeping Via’s passengers safe is the top priority for Via Safety Manager Jeff Carlson. His expertise and knowledge in the area of safety were recently recognized with an appointment to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Transit Rail Advisory Committee for Safety (TRACS).

During his two-year appointment, Carlson will provide information, advice and recommendations to the U.S. Secretary of Transportation and the Federal Transit Administrator on matters relating to the safety of U.S. public transportation systems and activities.

Congratulating Carlson on his appointment, Lenna Kottke, Via’s executive director said: “Jeff has been instrumental in creating a culture of safety throughout the organization.  Under his leadership, we’ve seen our accident rate at Via drop to less than one accident per 100,000 miles of driving, an exemplary safety record that we’ve been able to maintain over a number of years.”

TRACS is made up of 25 voting members who reflect various perspectives of transit safety. They will meet twice per year to formulate their recommendations.

View a PDF of the charter for TRACS.

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