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Chautauqua Park Summer Shuttles Begin May 27

Via is proud to operate the free Chautauqua Park-to-Park shuttles in Boulder to help locals and tourists visit this popular destination car-free.


The Park-to-Park shuttle service provides free summertime transportation from various parking locations in the City of Boulder to the beautiful Chautauqua Park.  This service is part of a broader program to reduce parking congestion in nearby neighborhoods and the park itself.


  • Memorial Day weekend, May 27,  through Labor Day weekend, Sept. 4
  • Every 15 minutes from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Summer weekends and holidays


The shuttle will pick up riders at:

  • New Vista High School parking lot, 700 20th St., Boulder
  • University of Colorado Regent parking lot, 1050 Regent Drive, Boulder
  • Downtown Boulder parking garages

The shuttles feature bike racks and allow dogs, strollers, and hiking gear for you to enjoy your time in the park.

More information about the Park-to-Park weekend shuttle

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