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Via Mobility Services Navigates Significant Contract Changes and Looks to Future Growth

Press Release

Boulder, Colo. – Via Mobility Services, a nonprofit that has been providing essential transportation services for people with disabilities and limited mobility in our community for nearly 45 years, announces significant organizational changes due to losing a contract with the Regional Transportation District (RTD).

Via serves the broader community by operating nearly a dozen popular transportation services in Colorado, such as the Omnibus in Littleton, the Lyons Flyer along Highway 36, and the HOP in Boulder. 

Via operates these services under contract with public, private, and nonprofit partners. Generating income through contracts funds part of Via’s nonprofit services. Other funding sources include grants from governments and foundations, corporate sponsorships, and individual donations. 

Via has operated services under contract with RTD for more than two decades, including the Access-a-Ride program. Despite losing this contract, Via is proactively addressing these changes and is set to expand with new services. Regrettably, this loss has necessitated some staffing adjustments and reduced this year’s capacity to provide our nonprofit services.

Despite the changes, we are excited to announce that Via is expanding with new services. Via won a contract to operate 100% of RTD’s FlexRide service for the next three years with an option to renew for an additional two years. This expansion will allow Via to continue promoting independence and self-sufficiency for people with limited mobility.

In addition, Via is operating a new shuttle serving downtown Golden this summer and continues to work on adding new transit services, creating a more connected community.

For more information about hiring Via to provide transportation services for your group, event, business, or municipality, visit ViaColorado.org/hire-us.

Via Mobility Services
Zoe DeVito, Director of Development and Communications


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