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Donor-Advised Fund Allows Donor to Give More

Twenty years after a skiing accident, Dr. Cheryle Sullivan still remembers Via’s importance to her recovery. 

“I tell people how hard it had been for me to get accessible transportation after my accident – until I found Via.” She explained that Via Mobility Services provided her transportation when other organizations would not. Although she could move and walk, her accident left her with a permanent brain injury that wasn’t apparent to others.

“Telling my story recently triggered me to support Via,” she said. “The biggest barrier for people with brain injuries like mine is access to services. It’s services that actually help us live better, more independent lives.”

Maximizing Giving with a Donor-Advised Fund

Cheryle uses a donor-advised fund (DAF) so that her favorite nonprofits get the most out of her charitable gifts. A DAF is an account for charitable giving that’s designed for investing, growing, and giving assets to nonprofits.

As the DAF’s fundholder, Cheryle can recommend which charities receive grants from the fund while getting professional support with investment and grant management. “It’s really convenient. I designate specific percentages to the organizations I want to receive annual grants.”

Donors like Cheryle love that their contributions to the fund grow tax-free, enabling them to give more without paying taxes on gains. Cheryle contributes mutual funds to her DAF but can also fund it with cash, stocks, bonds, exchange-traded funds, and illiquid assets. 

Donors receive charitable tax deductions in the years they contribute to their DAF rather than when the grants are distributed. That means they can get immediate tax deductions but take their time selecting grant recipients.

Leaving a Legacy

Cheryle has also planned ahead to leave a charitable legacy past her lifetime. In addition to supporting Via through her DAF, she took another step by naming Via as a beneficiary in her will. It’s a meaningful way she can help ensure a future where people with disabilities can enjoy the same caring services that empowered her years ago. 

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